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What to Expect

Besides a Warm Welcome What Will You Find at the Cottam Baptist Church?



To exalt God before all people. 

“Let the righteous be glad; let them exult before God; yes, let them rejoice with gladness!” (Psalm 68:3).  It is our calling to glorify God, both as individuals and as a church, by worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth.  You will find our worship to be God-centered, not man centered entertainment.  It is our privilege, duty, and delight to exalt and worship our God as we gather together each week to magnify the Lord.



To transform lives for the glory of God.

We truly need the renewing of our minds by the truth of God’s Word.  Our meetings contain expository instruction from the pages of Scripture.  God’s word is true.  We believe our sanctification primarily comes through the consistent study of the Bible and the application of its truth to our lives.



To strengthen and equip one another for service.

Fellowship means “life together” and we understand from God’s Word that He has joined our lives together as disciples of His Son.  Jesus Christ has given each of us spiritual gifts by which we can equip one another for every work of service to which He calls us.  We minister to build one another up in the body of Christ.  The work of the church is a family effort!  The Bible teaches that every member is gifted thus we encourage one another to serve the church of Christ.


As a part of our life together we have frequent fellowship meals and social times together as a congregation as well.

In all that we do we seek to pattern ourselves after the teaching of God’s word in life and conduct.

The church is powerless without a habit of seeking the face of God and relying upon His strength, both in order to know His will and to find the strength to accomplish it.

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