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Pastor’s Trip to Nicaragua


In September, our Pastor went to Nicaragua to assist in training men who are ministering God’s word to the people of Nicaragua. Hearing about the men in Nicaragua and the desire to learn God’s word was extremely encouraging.  This is what Pastor had to say about his recent trip:

I am so thankful for the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua to minister to our brethren who are labouring for the Lord. It was a busy week with much preaching and teaching. We traveled to the town of St. Tomas, where I taught eight hours on Wednesday. One of the things that struck me is the level of contentment that these men and women have. I taught the history of the Bible, manuscripts, canon of Scripture, and inspiration. It was a blessing to see how hungry they were to learn. We traveled about five hours that day to the northern town of Somoto. I taught some pastors the next day for about five hours. Many of these men live in extreme poverty. One man traveled by foot for 2-3 hours to take a bus for another five hours. Again, they have such a joy to serve Christ. We traveled another four hours that night to Managua, the capital, where I taught for three hours on Friday, and five on Saturday, preached on Sunday and flew home Monday.

The main church in Managua, pastored by Reuben Lopez, really wants to train Nicaraguan pastors to reach the Nicaraguan people. They understand the culture and can minister in places where most North Americans would never minister. God really caused me to love the Nicaraguan people, and really gave me a burden to all that I can to help facilitate the cause of Christ throughout the country. Many scenes were heart-breaking but most of all it was so encouraging to see God’s gospel going forward